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CT-2 | Mining version

CT-2 | Mining version

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High-performance electric outdoor all-terrain Crawler-transporter CT-2 is easy to ride year round and compact enough to fit into almost any hatchback or SUV. It can traverse virtually any type of terrain, rocks, sand, snow, water crossings (up to 10” deep), fallen logs and steep grades. The handle bar assembly folds down for easy transport and storage.

The CT-2 mini-tank also has a mining version with extensive unmanned, remote controlled capabilities. It comes with a LIDAR system and motion detectors. To supplement these the CT-2 has extra coating of RADAR/LIDAR absorbent paint and infra-red suppressive paint. It can be upgraded with bolt on titanium or ceramic plates or anti ordnance fencing. Smoke dischargers and a M980 WAO/AM laser can be also added for much needed point defense in military operations. Outboard equipment racks can be added for carrying extra loads during deep penetration missions.

Good on: Snow, sand, mud, and dirt.
Applications: military and rescue teams, recreation, utility, mining, hunting and more.

Key Features
Suspension System: Aluminum Casting Christle Suspension
Driving System: Double Rubble Track
Climbing Ability: Slope>100%, angle>45)
Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Dual Transmission: Smooth arcing turns.
Rated Power: 3KW*2
Max Power: 10KW*2
Max Torque: 53N.m*2

Speed forward: 33 Kph
Speed backwards 5kph
Payload capacity 200kg

Dimensions 126.5 x 70 x 137cm. 162kg
Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H 130 x 80 x 75 Centimeters

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