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G1 | 2024 Sheyene G1 EV Cart

G1 | 2024 Sheyene G1 EV Cart

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High-torque German technology! This state-of-the-art G1 EV Cart has mahle induction motors with superior continuous torque (SCT). The Active Induction Motor Brake (AIMB) suspension system offers several advantages, including improved handling, better stability during braking and cornering, and reduced tire wear. Fully independent automotive-style suspension also allows for more precise tuning of the suspension geometry, leading to better overall performance.

Key features:
German Mahle motor.
Fully independent automotive-style suspension.
Active Induction Motor Brake (AIMB) System.
Full torque at all speeds.
Delta-Q Charger.

2+2 seats. Top Speed 40 km/h. Cruising range 90-10 km. Lead-acid batteries Included / Lithium batteries, solar-powered (optional) / Shipping not included.

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